Away from home on CHRISTMAS

Nearly two months since I last posted something here.

Tomorrow, it would have been a great reunion of our family. If only Haiyan, or as we locally call it  “YOLANDA” didn’t hit our city, I would be with my family right now. Yes, I am a Yolanda survivor, I was there when it happened. When it blew away our roof, when the water gushed into our house, when it brought tears to my mom, my kid cousin and my nieces. I hated the storm, if only it was something with a corporal body then maybe we would have stopped it, but then NO, it was mother nature at its worst.

Then again, I’m THANKFUL, because at the very least, we came out of it alive, even my pets survived it.

It took away parts of our home, destroyed everything we worked hard for, took a lot of my fellow Taclobanons lives. Broken people’s faith and spirit, to the point when it seemed hope was no where to be found.

When the storm had finally stopped its turmoil, my dad and I decided to go to our store which was about 7 kilometers away to check the extent of damage it brought forth, and salvage whatever was left. I was at the verge of crying as my dad and I passed through what seemed like mindless people, seeing people at the side of the street…mourning…what crushed my heart the most, was seeing old people, holding on to their partners not even knowing where they were going, seeing innocent children going through what then seemed hell. Even fathers who are supposed to be strong were in their knees crying. I look at my father beside me, THANKFUL that HE IS STILL BESIDE ME. He too was teary eyed as we silently paved our way.

When we reached our store, you know those scenes from zombie movies~ghost towns, it looked exactly like that, a gloomy haunted city. Then I see this homeless guy. I was amazed with him. I was happy he was alive, even though I didn’t know his name, I smiled at him, he didn’t smile back as he was too exhausted. I then thought, this guy will survive, he lived most of his years like this, at least he knows what to do…he knows what it feels like to be homeless… but then, how about those who are just about to live his way of life? What about them?

When night time came, our house seemed to resemble a refugee center. We shared what little food we have to those who came. There were lots of people in our house most of them, I don’t even know. My sister and I, did first aid to this one woman, I hope she’s still alive, her wounds were really bad…


This Christmas, I’m away from home. It feels really uncomfortable, to not be with my MAMA and PAPA. It’s really hard to put up a front, being all tough, strong and invulnerable.

I’m with my cousins right now, seeing that their families are complete, while I’m the only odd sheep here. I feel jealous. I miss them.

But then again, I think about those who are mourning right now. I think about those who have no idea how to start their lives, the newly orphaned kids, and the parents who lost their children to the storm. One classmate of mine from college lost his two kids, I can’t even imagine the self-loathing he must be going through right now. The fact that he can’t blame the storm, the fact that he can’t pause and rewind his life…I pray that God gives him the strength to forgive himself and give him courage to move on.

Fortunately for me, our boss, helped us. I really thought I lost my job. Their generosity and kindness were really overwhelming. The president of our company, our clients, the owner of the company, their support was so unbelievable that I’m really amazed at that certain quality of human kind. I was really moved.




Maybe one day I’ll be able to write in detail, my experience with Yolanda/Haiyan… for the time being…I’d just like to GREET ALL OF YOU…A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!




I thought they already made up their minds…oh well, a new man is to be Christian Grey…I wonder why Sir Hunnam turned down the offer….I guess because he was too buff to begin with (still haven’t watched Pacific Rim, I’ll watch it after posting this, and hope that i won’t fall asleep)

and…no…it ain’t my baby, Matt, but well, I think this guy’s a better pick, in terms of physique that is than that of Mr. Pacific Rim.

He’s got the copper colored hair, the bodeh, and the smoldering eyes…(i still think Matt’s eyes are waayyy more stunning) Yeah I love MATT!!!

Anyway, His name is Jamie Dornan, poor me, I also don’t know him, I only watched Once Upon a Time, I think really just ONCE. And it didn’t really catch my attention, despite my friend’s persistent “ad” of the series.

Here he is:



Well, still looking forward to next year for the movie though… and just for the heck of it, maybe E.L James might see this post, I hope she changes her mind…and I hope Matt would be kind enough actually audition~steal the lead actor’s role as CG, as a fan service to all the girls who love and adore him, Because he really befits the character, in terms of looks. ( I still believe, E.L. wrote the book whilst watching the first season of White Collar, coz Christian Grey, and Ana Steel, really do look like Matt Bomer and Alexandra Daddario, hehe)

alexandra-daddario-kate-white-collar-05see? just adjust her dress to that certain kind of purple shade, and viola!perfect! she’s already brunette and the has those amazing blue eyes, she’s skinny and pale as paper white, which was the description of Ana.

ok since I cant’get enough of Matt, I’m still gonna post some of his pictures, alongside Mr. Dornan…

collage mj

Naughty Parsley


Last week I went on an adopted a new fuzzy little rascal. She’s I believe an Abyssinian breed. And I named her Parsley. My kid cousin calls her Ginger Parsley, cause she has ginger colored hair.

She’s more reactive than Furball, in a way that whenever she hears plastic, she “squeals” really loud, and she’ll run around in circles compared to Furball’s calm disposition. And she’s really attached to Furball, that if ever she doesn’t see him, she’s really noisy. She’s also a really hefty eater, gained almost 50 grams in the first 5 days that she’s been with us.pasley_webcamera360_20131012200628

Here’s a video of her and Furball. They’re so cute!!!

fuzzy girl APDC5206_webcamera360_20131017015344

My little FURBALL


Again,been busy…anywho…

I’ve been taking care of a new baby…he’s a guinea pig.

I got him last August, and I’ve been taking care of him since….

this is how he looked like when I got him.


I think he weighed around 200 grams then and he had a lot of lice!!!( i got him from a petshop) then I searched the net on how to deal with it. I also learned that getting pets from petshops aren’t really a good idea, since they really don’t take care of the animals.

I learned that they should only be given a bath every 3-4 months. Since I gave him a bath last August, his next bath would be on December. Good thing they don’t have this awful smell, unlike my dogs, wherein I have to give them a bath every week…

APDC4944_webcamera360_20131006210000and I give him vitamin c everyday, since I read that they can’t sensitize their own vit c and a lot of grass and vegetables. I have yet to bring him to a vet since, my other baby (Ornusa) my lab, is currently sick, and my budget is well…wu! APDC4954_webcamera360_20131006210039

I also need to get him a wife or brother, since it said in my researches that they are social animals and they should have a companion of their own kind with them. I really want to have a girl, but I don’t want that they don’t have babies, since they really do reproduce fast. He’s really healthy, and since I gave him a bath, i haven’t seen mites anymore…

APDC5093_webcamera360_20130916212603sometimes he rests his head on his food bowl, I think he’s taking a nap here. They say that cavies (guinea pigs) don’t usually close their eyes while they sleep, and usually they take short naps rather than long hours of sleep.

..but then he’d sometimes sleep like this under my blanket.

APDC5106_webcamera360_20130916190954and this is also his favorite spot. (well, I’d like to think so…hehe)

APDC5083_webcamera360_20130914232418He’s now been with me for a month now, and my rough estimate is that he’s around two months old now. Here’s his current picture he now weighs 400 grams!

collage fbHe’s my cute little prince, he can be feisty sometimes, and he’s a really curious one…he’s one of my stress relievers. He pop corns a lot, which they say is their way of expressing how excited they are.


I don't own this picture.

I don’t own this picture.

By the Sunshine ray.

You keep me safe, cool and calm,

As your wild petals bloom.


And when night time falls,

Shy away, the petals fold.

Until morning comes.


Rain pours down. Hard. Cold.

Your bright petals bloom once more.

And under it, was I.


Dry and gratified,

Hi! You smile from right under,

Smile back,grin did I.


It has come again

Another beautiful day

My Umbrella Sky.




Been very busy (T__T)…how’s everyone doing?hehe…keep safe!

Will post something new in the coming weekend…hopefully. ^___^


ok, wait….before you think I’m bipolar (which at times I am)…eherm…

A year ago, i wrote about my celebrity picks on who SHOULD star in (if ever) there was a movie adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey”…I think E.L wasn’t able to read my post (feeling close) cause her picks for Ana and Christian…were well…huhuhuhuhu…

YES! I’m still looking forward for the movie though…and how they will interpret it on screen…I wonder if they will do all those kinky stuff…good thing I’m above 18 years old, or else I won’t be able to watch the movie.

NO! here are the supposed stars who will portray Ana and Christian…

Charlie Hunnam (main lead)

He recently starred in the Sci-Fi, Mecha Movie (which I thought was a Live Action of the Anime and Manga BRAIN POWERED~I was sooooo wrong) PACIFIC RIM..(I honestly fell asleep watching this…first off my expectation of the story line was wrong, next, maybe I was too tired…and honestly, my sarcastic~brain came into play, cause as I watched barely watched, I thought, “Why don’t they just ask the TRANSFORMERS  to help them?” ^_^ And I didn’t even notice who were the actors at that film.

He looks a bit like a cross of Channing Tatum and Armie Hammer…He’s cute but I’d still prefer my Matt Bomer…(mine talaga?hahaha!)

I’ll have to re-watch Pacific Rim, so I’d know him…haha!


Now, onto Ms. Steel…

She will be portrayed by Dakota Johnson…(still don’t know her)

Apparently she’s a model too and her lineage are that of stars…including Antonio Banderas, her step father.

hmm…she’s pretty, but I’d still prefer (sige! ipilit mo!) Anne Hathaway…



Anywho…, If I was born a billionaire, I’d produce this movie and handpick my stars!!!haha! wishful thinking…(dorky day dreamer) Looking forward to…I think it’ll be out next year… and I also think that these actors was picked because they need to have more exposure and I think their PFs are “allowable”…since the stars that I picked are already “STARS”


p.s. I’m currently in my office, and I just had to blog this…cause I’m both Happy and Depressed. I have to let this out…HAHAHAHAHA! (bipolar ka nga!)