BLOG CHALLENGE #1 (Pups/Kitty)

JUST A FUN BLOGGER CHALLENGESo all in all, there are 35 challenges…HERE I GO!!!

1. Puppies or Kittens? Discuss…


image from tumbler

OH…Definitely PUPPIES!!! just look at that cutey little furry baby…

I’ve always had a dog in my whole life…so it’s a given that I’ll choose them over friggin’ cats…yeah I hate cats…they’re annoying, unbelievably smelly (urine & poop), they have irritating “meows”, they’re like scavengers always lurking in our kitchen to salvage our food (despite the fact that we provide food for them) and they reproduce almost all the time. So everything I said once new kittens are born just multiply that by ten…Grrr! I hate them nuf said.


image from puppy addiction

For me, dogs are more lovable…(i’m being biased). They’re easy to train and so much more cuter, they don’t have slanted eyes of cats…I remember the teaser for the show “MY CAT FROM HELL”…and I truly believe they are from H-E-L-L…haha! (hater mode). They’re like cats in rehabilitation…just like DOG WHISPERER

Well, just based on my observations…puppies are more emotional, who would want a kitty whose obviously a loner type, an independent type of animal. Isn’t the reason why you took in a pet is so that you’d have a companion?


image from

And I mean have you ever seen a kitty who jumps for joy when you arrive? When it’s time for eating, when you scratch their belly or when you play with them or ask them if they want to walk? Well, my dog always has this excitement on her face when I do ask her…so yeah, I have my basis. Cats are just so stoic. Yeah. Stoic. Or maybe they just are masters of being poker faced? I don’t know, they’re so weird.

Okay, puppies aren’t all angels, some can be rascals…it’s a given they’re puppies not grown up dogs…they chew on some things…pee here…poop there…but hey that’s when the owners come in…you’re there to train do your job.


image from


image from


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image from tumbler

so that’s all for my first entry in this blog challenge…



5 thoughts on “BLOG CHALLENGE #1 (Pups/Kitty)

  1. I’m a dog person, too ! I mean, I don’t know about cats. Our neighbot’s cars made our backyard theirt toilet. Can you imagaine how the house would smell like if you stepped on cat poop, then without knowing it, you stepped inside your house, on a carpet? Yeah, I did. >o<

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